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  • Windows Installer –  Windows will give a Security warning. To get past, click “More Info” then “Run Anyway”.
  •  Portable ZIP Installer – Unzip in any folder and run the executable. No security warning.

Last update

  • Last update: 1.5.8120.38643 @3/26/2022 9:28:15 PM

Change logs

Version 1.5.*
  1. Lot of performance improvement.
  2. Faster indexing.
  3. Blazing fast loading of photos.
  4. Daily unique random deck of photo on launch.
  5. Added commonly observed festivals from India and US, to show up as default albums.
Version 1.5.1.*
  1. Portable setup now uses local folder for everything, including settings index.
Version 1.5.0.*
  1. Search box provides type ahead from all potential keywords.
  2. Much faster image comparision.
  3. Now you can save query to favorite view, buy clicking Heart button.
  4. Fixed a bug where if one view was failing to load it was failing all views.
  5. Beautified search results to look with better theme colors.
  6. Minor UI glitches and improvements.
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