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Pitara is a very versatile photo search & discovery tool for PC. Search photos by combining location, date range, seasons, festivals, camera model, and folder/file names. Easily add custom labels to the collection of photos. Discover old memories from auto-created albums.

Pitara comes with a duplicate photo removal tool, it compares images and isolates duplicate photos to save disk space.

Personalized Labels

Add a personal touch to your photos. Label them as you like and search them instantly with a click. 

Search & Navigate

Track down your favorite memories inside the huge universe of photos, by using our smart suggestive labels. Be it a random weekend, weekday, seasons, festivals, location, or be it a specific hour, search as you prefer to. Check out all allowed keywords.

Duplicate Image Isolation

Pitara offers a powerful and robust tool to automatically identify duplicate images, storing them in an archived folder for later review or deletion. Now you don’t have to worry about manually finding, deleting the duplicates to free up the disk space. 

Labels Albums

Pitara enlists all the custom labels with their respective grouped images, added by you.

Places Albums

An auto-created collection of images taken at different locales you traveled. 

Time Albums

A tabular view of photo albums sorted by year and month for easy access.

Bookmark favorite queries

There is no need to remember previous queries, simply bookmark your favorite query by clicking on the heart button and revisit it. 

Bookmark View

All the bookmarked queries you saved earlier, with the respective photo albums are listed under this tab for quick access.

Photo Boxes

Photo albums are crafted from our smart label analyzer, for quick access. Pitara can scan multiple labels automatically from multi-word folder names, file names, that too camel-cased ones.

Festivals Albums

An exclusive feature by Pitara, automatic collection of photos, segregated under headings of popular festivals celebrated all across the world.

Discover & Learn

Pitara offers a multitude of sample queries, as it indexes your photos to make your image search more fun and innovative. Do explore them and learn to create new ones on your own.

Around this hour

A nifty feature to pull out all the photos or any specific photo, clicked around the same hour of the very selected photo.

Download Pitara, discover your photo memories!

Pitara works out of the box with no setting required. Just launch it give it a minute to start indexing and start searching.


Search for that cool gym selfie.

  • Say your gym days are Tuesday and Wednesday nights and the selfie was clicked during the past year.
  • Labels to be searched– (Monday or Wednesday) night 2019.
  • You can also add a location say, Redmond if your gym is in Redmond.

Photos from a concert.

  • Let’s say that the concert was in the Winter, within 5 years, on a weekend in Oregon.
  • Labels to be searched – weekend night winter Oregon (2016 or 2017 or 2018 or 2019 or 2020).
  • Geo coordinates are automatically converted to the location name. You can add Portland or Oregon.

Birthdays from all toddler years.

  • Say your child was born on May 31, 2009.
  • Labels to be searched – (2009 or 2010 or 2011 or 2012 or 2013) May 31st.

Photos from Disney trip.

  • Labels to be searched –  Anaheim.
  • If you have visited the place several times during many years, add the year or season.

Advance exclusion searches.

  • Say you took hundreds of photos of Space needle on your trip to Seattle, but you are looking for some specific photo that you took at Alki Beach in Seattle, excluding Space Needle.
  • Labels to be searched – Seattle not (Space or Needle).

Simple wildcard searches.

  • Want to search for all photos of all the Christmas since the year 2000?
  • Labels to be searched – 25th Decem* 200*
  • Note, how you don’t have to type the whole word. Pitara understands December and 200* will translate to 2000, 2001, 2002 .. and so on. Isn’t it cool? 
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