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Pitara is an intelligent photo cataloging, searching, and tagging tool for your computer.


Pitara doesn’t upload photos to the cloud. Your photos stay safe with you on your computer. Avoid the risk and costs of uploading to the cloud.

Add your own TAGs

Empower your photo organization with Pitara’s unique feature: add your custom tags to photos, making them instantly searchable later. Take control of your collection and find what you need in moments.


How it works

Today’s cell phones and cameras capture more than just images – they embed valuable data like location, timestamp, and more into your photos. Pitara harnesses this wealth of information, intelligently processing and indexing it. Search for photos like ‘From 10 years ago Summer weekend 7:30 PM‘.

Explore a few sample searches.

Google-like search

Combine various keywords such as location, date, time, season, folder name, altitude, and camera models.

A few examples –

  • from 2020-2023 Summer Weekend Brings up photos taken during the Summer weekends of 2020 to 2023
  • Christmas Hawaii  – Photos taken on Christmas in Hawaii not restricted to any year
  • Cute long hair – Search photos using your custom TAGs.
  • 15kfeet – Photos taken at 15,000 feets.

The possibilities are endless. Check out a list of sample searches to learn more.

Add your own TAGs

  • Easy TAG management
  • Add/remove TAGs to an entire collection of photos at one go
  • Instantly search photos using added TAGs

Several auto-generated catalogs

  • Places – Catalog of all the places you visited (i.e., Seattle, New Delhi, New York, India)
  • Time – Catalog of time sorted in chronological order (i.e. January 1997, March 2002)
  • Heights – Catalog based on the height (i.e. 12Kfeet, 12Kfeetplus)
  • My TAGs – Catalog of your TAGs  (i.e., cute long hair)
  • Cameras – Catalog of the camera make & models (i.e. iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy, and Nikon d70)
  • Folders – Catalog of folder names  (i.e. Kindergarten graduation)
  • Holidays – Catalog of holidays (i.e. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Diwali)
  • Favorites – Save your favorite queries to get back to them quickly


Photos from a concert

  • Let’s say that the concert was in the Winter, within maybe 5 years on a weekend in Oregon
  • Search Query would be – from 5 years Oregon Winter weekend night
  • This will search photos from the last 5 years taken in Winter on weekends at night in Oregon

Birthdays of your kid from all toddler years

  • Say your child’s birthday is on May 31st
  • The search query would be – from 20 years May 31st
  • This will search photos from all 20 years taken on May 31st. You can always add evening or night or the name of the place to filter further for birthdays celebrated at a specific location (say Alaska).

Photos from the Hawaii trip

  • The search query would be – Hawaii
  • If you have visited  Hawaii several times in the last many years, you can simply add the year – Hawaii 2021
  • Or you can add a range of years – Hawaii from 2020-2022

Search for that cool gym selfie

  • Say your gym days are Tuesday and Wednesday evening and the selfie was clicked during the past two years.
  • The search query would be – (Tuesday or Wednesday) evening from 2 years
  • You can also add a location say, Redmond – (Tuesday or Wednesday) evening from 2 years Redmond

Advance exclusion searches

  • Say you took hundreds of photos of the Space Needle on your trip to Seattle, but you are looking for some specific photos that you took at Alki Beach in Seattle, excluding the Space Needle.
  • The search query would be– Seattle not (Space or Needle)

Simple wildcard searches

  • Want to search for all photos of all the Christmas since the year 2000?
  • Search query would be – 25th Decem* 200*
  • Note, how you don’t have to type the whole word. Pitara understands December and 200* will translate to 2000, 2001, 2002 .. and so on. Isn’t it cool? 

I don’t know how to search “that”

  • Need help searching for something but not sure how to craft the query? Reach out to us, and we’ll assist in creating it. Once tailored to your needs, you can save the query to your favorites for future reference. 
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