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Pitara is an intelligent photo cataloging, searching, and TAGging tool for your photos on the PC, without uploading them to any cloud.

Instant search based on keywords, several auto-generated catalogs, custom TAGs, and a lot more.
Check a quick demo.

Features | Use cases | What Pitara is NOT

Add your own TAGs

Add your own TAGs to photos. Search them later by those keywords.

What Pitara is NOT

What Pitara is NOT?

  1. Pitara does not upload your photos anywhere on the cloud
  2. Pitara is not a photo editor, it doesn’t modify your photos (Except when you add custom TAGs, it inserts TAGs to photo headers only)
  3. Pitara does not move around your photos
  4. It’s not a photo organizer. In fact, Pitara removes the need to organize photos


Search naturally like Google

Use one or more combinations of keywords like – Place, date, time, seasons, folders, or camera models.

A few search examples –

  • 2020 Summer Weekend Display photos clicked during the Summer weekends of 2020.
  • Christmas Hawaii  – Photos clicked on Christmas in Hawaii. 
  • January night weekend 9pm – Narrow down to an hour around 9 pm. (maybe a date night photo)
  • iPhone 3GS Anaheim – An older version of the phone you had, from the Disney (Anaheim, LA) trip.
  • Nikon D7100 – Taken using your Nikon D7100 camera.
  • Cute long hair – Search using your own custom TAG that you added.

The possibilities are endless. Check out all the commonly allowed keywords. And a long list of sample queries here.

Various auto-generated catalogs

  1. Place catalog
    Based on places they were clicked. For example – Seattle, New Delhi, and New York.
  2. Time catalog
    Based on the time photos were clicked. For example – January 1987.
  3. Keywords catalog
    Based on the keywords you added. For example – cute long hair.
  4. Camera models catalog
    Based on the camera models. For example – iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy, and Nikon d70.
  5. Folders catalog
    Based on folder names – Kindergarten graduation.
  6. Favorites catalog
    Save your favorite queries to get back to them easily.
  7. Festivals catalog
    Based on if the photos were taken during a known festival – Diwali, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas.
  8. On that hour catalog
    When you click a photo. Pitara creates a custom catalog of all photos taken at that hour, so you can narrow it down to an hour.
  9. On that day catalog
    When you click a photo. Pitara creates a custom catalog of photos taken on that day.


Photos from a concert

  • Let’s say that the concert was in the Winter, within 5 years, on a weekend in Oregon.
  • Search Query would be – weekend night winter Oregon (2016 or 2017 or 2018 or 2019 or 2020 or 2021)
  • Geo coordinates are automatically converted to the location name. 

Birthdays from all toddler years

  • Say your child was born on May 31, 2009.
  • Search query would be – (2009 or 2010 or 2011 or 2012 or 2013) May 31st

Photos from Disney trip

  • Search query would be –  Anaheim
  • If you have visited the place several times during many years, add the year or season – Anaheim 2021

Search for that cool gym selfie

  • Say your gym days are Tuesday and Wednesday nights and the selfie was clicked during the past year.
  • Search query would be – (Monday or Wednesday) night 2019
  • You can also add a location say, Redmond if your gym is in Redmond – 
  • (Monday or Wednesday) night 2019 Redmond

Advance exclusion searches

  • Say you took hundreds of photos of Space needle on your trip to Seattle, but you are looking for some specific photo that you took at Alki Beach in Seattle, excluding Space Needle.
  • Search query would be– Seattle not (Space or Needle)

Simple wildcard searches

  • Want to search for all photos of all the Christmas since the year 2000?
  • Search query would be – 25th Decem* 200*
  • Note, how you don’t have to type the whole word. Pitara understands December and 200* will translate to 2000, 2001, 2002 .. and so on. Isn’t it cool? 

I don’t know how to search “that”

  • Fair, if you want to search for something but have no idea how to write the query for that. Feel free to contact us, we will help create any complex query possible with the tool. You can save that in your favorite for easy access later. 
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