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We are anti-subscription

In the digital age, a noticeable trend is to artificially transform traditional goods into subscription-based services. This shift is particularly evident in software and applications. For instance, a popular photo-management app recently transitioned to a subscription model with its latest release, “version x,” now costing users $9.99 per month.

Each new subscription represents an additional recurring expense, effectively reducing your income. The cost keeps growing as the usage of space grows.

We at Pitara are anti-subscriptions! We highly recommend that instead of uploading your photos to the cloud and paying monthly charges to big giant companies like Google Photo and Apple iCloud. Keep your photos with you on an external hard drive or computer and simply use Pitara for the search.

The Internet is filled with horror stories of subscription

  1. Why does Google Photos intentionally make it difficult to manage photos in order to promote the paid data option?
  2. I hate Google Photos
  3. Does anybody else absolutely hate iCloud?
  4. I hate iCloud so much.
  5. This is why I don’t use iCloud.

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